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As this board is privately hosted, we do not need to adhere to 3rd party board regulations. However, there are still rules for board conduct, as follows:

1. There will be no toleration of illegal activity on this board. That includes, but is not limited to, the use or promotion of illegal acts, drugs, adult content, or fraud.

2. The primary goal of this board is to promote fan interaction. It is our intent to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the users. Any attempt to preclude this will not be tolerated. This includes hateful acts, insulting or threatening language, and unauthorized release or requests of personal information.

3. The board does recognize all individuals rights to free speech, and any adult language that is used is a non-threatening manner is allowed. Anyone who finds this language offensive is encouraged to use the fan feedback feature of the site, or email the admins directly, to discuss filtering options or rule changes.

Violation of these, or any unwritten or unanticipated rules of conduct may result in a restriction of access, suspension, or banning of your account and possibly future registrations by your email address and/or IP address.
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